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Curtain Walling

Recent projects

Curtain wall to the roof of Burlington Gardens
Main contractor: Wates Interiors



The curtain wall covering approximately four hundred square metres (400 m2) was leaking in several places. The internal area was occupied and remained occupied during the works which had to be carried out with no fixed access staging and were to be left in a water tight condition at the end of each working day.


The curtain wall was stripped removing mullion and transom capping, also pressure plate from mullion and transoms. These materials were discarded.

The exposed edges of the vision panels were thoroughly cleaned with a suitable solvent.


The bridge between the vision panels was sealed with water proof aluminium backed butyl tape. A new pressure plate was fitted over the butyl tape and correct torque applied to the screws. New anodised capping was fitted to mullion and transoms.

Finally a hose test to Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) specification was carried out by a licensed operator to ensure the installation meets or exceeds their requirements.



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