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Recent projects

Ashlyns School

Ashlyns School is a grade II listed building constructed in the early 1930's. The windows are fabricated from mild steel with glazing formed by annealed 4 mm glass fixed with putty.

The works were undertaken with the supervision of the Planning Authority.

Main contractor: T & E Neville Ltd.
Planners: Bedfordshire Council.

The problem - heritage windows in need of repair!

An existing wing unused for aconsiderable period is to be converted into a Music Room, the windows require upgrading to improve the overall operation of the windows and improve the glazing "u" value from 6W/m2K to 2.1W/m2K.

The solution - heritage metal window repairs

The heritage windows were stripped back to bare metal and primed, all hinges/pivots/stays were eased to ensure a satisfactory operation.

The sashes were re glazed with a 4/6/4 sealed unit with Pilkington "K" coating applied to one surface, the glazing beads were formed from hardwood to reduce cold bridging to a minimum, resulting in a significant reduction in overall "U" value.


The Henry Heath Hat Factory

The Henry Heath Hat Factory, Oxford Street London is a Grade 2 listed façade, it was built circa 1887 and comprises of windows fabricated from cast iron, the frame, mullion and transoms components are mechanically jointed via roses with pins positioned through the roses and putty glazed. The building was recently converted into high quality residential apartments.

The works were undertaken with supervision from the Planning Authority.

Main contractor: Gilbert Ash N.I. Ltd
Architect: Sturgis Associates
Planners: Westminster

The problem - heritage window repairs needed

Over a period of time the windows suffered from movement of the building which caused the windows to bow through stress.

Cast iron is an extremely brittle metal and its characteristics are exacerbated over time as the metal age hardens. A sharp blow or sudden stress to cast iron can cause the material to shatter in a similar way to glass.

The solution - heritage metal windows repaired

A decision was made to refurbish in situ as removing the windows off site could result in further damage.

The windows were deglazed, the mullions and transoms removed where necessary and the window rebuilt ensuring the mullions and transoms were correctly positioned, the frame was then re pinned.

Finally the frames were stripped of existing paint, re glazed and resprayed employing high quality paint.

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